Development, financing, construction and operation of wind and solar projects

Wind energy projects are complex feats of planning. wpd supports onshore projects across all phases to ensure that targets are hit and profitability guaranteed.

Solar energy constitutes a further important contribution towards the success of the energy turnaround. wpd is also operating worldwide in this growing market and expanding its portfolio.

6,670 MW
installed capacity
members of staff worldwide
Project pipeline of
19,320 MW
wind projects
wind turbines erected
Project pipeline of
5,015 MW
solar projects

Canada is home to an abundant source of wind and solar resources—clean, renewable, and freely available energy sources awaiting harnessing. Embracing these technologies rewards us with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air, clearer skies, job opportunities, and a sustainable future.

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The wpd Group is a developer and financier of wind and solar energy projects, operating in 31 countries worldwide. Since 2006, wpd Canada Corporation has been an integral part of the wpd Group, focusing on the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects in Canada.

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Canada’s total electricity consumption is only a fraction of the wind energy potential that it has on and off its shores. Only a fraction of this potential has been used to generate clean electricity. Canadians have the opportunity to ensure jobs and economic stability by tapping into its given resources and these resources are quite substantial.

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