Important Studies

Modern-day wind turbines have been in operation all over the world since the 1970s. Wind energy is experiencing rapid growth as a global response to Climate Change.  Academic institutions, governments, and other organizations research various aspects of wind energy, including but not limited to: technical, economic, and medical perspectives.  Some of these studies are provided below.

Property Values:

Title Publisher Date                 Summary
Wind Farm Proximity and Property Values Illinois State University May 2010 Looks at residential property values over different stages of development for a large-scale wind farm.
Wind Energy Study – Effect on Real Estate Values in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent CanWEA Feb 2010 A study assessing the relationship between real estate values and wind turbines in Chatham-Kent, Ontario.
The Impact of Wind Power Projects on Residential Property Values in the US Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Dec 2009 This report collected data from 7,500 sales of single-family homes located near wind facilities in nine different U.S. States.

Sound and Health:

Title Publisher Date Summary
Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of Results Health Canada Nov 2014 Health Canada undertook a large-scale epidemiology study along with Statistics Canada to help build a broader evidence base for policymakers, and to acknowledge community health concerns.
Health Effects and Wind Turbines: A Review for REA Applications Submitted Under Ontario Regulation 359/09 Stantec Consulting Inc. May 2011 Examines peer-reviewed academic, government, and medical agency literature against popular literature and internet articles regarding the subject of health, sound, and wind turbines.
Wind Turbines and Health – A Rapid Review of the Evidence Australian Government: National Health and Medical Research Council Jul 2010 Reviews the nature of sound, annoyance, shadow flicker, and other aspects often discussed in articles about wind turbines and health.
The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) of Ontario May 2010 The CMOH prepared this report along with members from the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and Medical Officers of Health to explore public health concerns related to turbines and noise.
Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review CanWEA, AWEA Dec 2009 A literature review conducted by a multidisciplinary panel of professionals looking at the existing literature surrounding the topic of health effects and wind turbines.

Climate Change and Renewable Energy:

Title Publisher Date Summary
IPCC SRREN Report – Chapter 1: Renewable Energy and Climate Change Cambridge University Press Dec 2009 The first chapter of the IPCC Report, examining the important role renewable energy will play in reducing our dependency on fuel sources that emit harmful greenhouse gases.