Mission Statement

wpd has set itself the goal of realizing wind and solar projects worldwide and thus making an important contribution to the energy transition and the protection of our climate. Against the backdrop of climate change, we see no alternative to the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energies. All wpd employees see themselves as a team that is highly motivated to ensure the success of our projects. Who we are wpd is a leading developer and operator of renewable energy projects, actively shaping the energy transition in more and more countries around the world.  We are united by the conviction that climate change, as one of the central challenges of our time, requires a profound change in our society and our habits. The energy transition is a key component of this change. The motivation for our work is to make a significant contribution to the energy transition and thus to protect the natural foundations of life for present and future generations. We want to make renewable energies even more marketable, promote the expansion of renewable energy worldwide and thus also ensure the long-term entrepreneurial success of wpd. This forms the foundation for secure and sustainable jobs for all our employees. Our vision is a global energy supply with 100% renewable energies.