Working with Landowners

Landowners/farmers understand the importance and benefit of diversifying their activities.  They know that in order to pay the bills, particularly in challenging economic times, they constantly have to look for ways to generate revenue from the land.   With today’s advances in wind and solar power development, farmers can grow crops on the ground and generate power from the air and sun – all on the same piece of property.  The lease payments for land with installed wind turbines, solar panels or battery storage can provide a stable supplement to a farmer’s income and help balance fluctuations in market prices.  Harvesting the wind and sun can help save the family farm, thus keeping an area rural.

wpd is looking for opportunities to work with landowners to develop wind farms in New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

wpd works with landowners to develop wind farms, solar farms or battery storage facilities in a win-win situation for all participants. Landowners simply lease space on their property for the project installation.  They receive a substantial regular income with zero associated cost to them. In many instances, this additional income allows the farmer to maintain their farming operation for current and future generations.

Negotiations spell out all conditions. For example, at the end of the contract, the developer dismantles the project and restores the property to previous conditions, or the projects are replaced with upgraded equipment and a new contract is negotiated. Farmers may choose to maintain their farming operation or sell their farm during the contract years.

Interested landowners should contact David Heiduck at:
Phone:  905-813-8400, ext 125