Projects around the world

In recent years, the wind power industry in Europe and all other continents has aroused intense interest. Wind power has already become an important part of power generation in many parts of the world. In Europe alone, facilities generating more than 9,800 MW were set up in the 2010, making a total of 86,075 MW of wind power installed in Europe by the end of that year, according to the European Wind Energy Association.

wpd is responding to this development. Years ago, wpd was one of the first companies to begin forming cooperative agreements with partners in Germany and at specific locations in other countries, while also establishing its own subsidiary companies in other countries. This has enabled wpd, for example, to carry through pipeline projects of its own with these cooperative partners in 28 countries. wpd is an active presence in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Poland, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Canada, USA, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

This presence encompasses all services, beginning with initial plans, extending through detailed planning, and continuing all the way through the financing and construction of the individual projects. In this way wind farms have already been put successfully into operation in Taiwan, Croatia, Belgium, France and Spain. And we are constantly keeping other markets outside of Europe under observation.